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Tapies- Sheet by Xhibli Tapies- Sheet by Xhibli
(The creature shown above Is just an example, they do not all look like that, design and colour and occasional form may vary.)

They're simple but I thought they were pretty cute, making an adoptable based off of a creature we may or may not have sliced in half in science to see If it would regenerate >.>, In case you're not able to read what Is written, I'll write the important Information here as well.

The name of: Tapies. These are pretty much bioluminescent puppy flat worms that feed off plankton. They're 10 inches long and are agender and or able to switch gender depending on the population status of the species. The colours and designs may vary, but they're usually monochromatic. As well as environment, they strive In cold deep waters of the arctic. 

I'll be making small groups of about 4 or 5 of them on a sheet, and sell them for $2 dollars, since they're quite simple In shape. This Is a closed species, so I'd appreciate It If these were not replicated and or sold anywhere else. I will list the rights you have to them In case you want to know :o

-You'll be able to draw and post your Tapie anywhere.
-If you post the actual creature drawing you purchase from me on another site, all you have to do Is mention me or link this page.
-You can manipulate the form and add a few limbs and extras to your creature if you'd really like, but I'd prefer if the design and colour would stay the same.
-Generally you can do anything except create you own Tapies and claim the species as your own :>
If you have any questions please let me know In the comments. Obviously these aren't going to be too popular lmao, but I will make the first group and see how It goes, If I manage to sell them all I'll make more. :>
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